• Bharatiya Jain Sanghatana - Minority Awareness Program resource person training at Pune.

  • Minority Benefit Scheme and Scholarship, Online Application training at Pune.

  • Minority Awareness - Maha- Abhiyaan at Maharashtra State.

  • Minority Awareness Program Session at Uttar Pradesh.

  • Minority Awareness by Dr. Vimal Kumar Jain(State President) on 19 November,2019 at Gyan Ganga Farm House, Jabalpur (MP-East).

BJS’ Minority Awareness Program

Minority Status to the Jain community was accorded by the Central Government on January 28, 2014. While the various rights to the minorities are guaranteed by the constitution, the benefits are granted by the Central & State Governments. Members of the Jain community are in general not much aware of the Rights and benefits of the minority status.

BJS Minority Knowledge Centre

BJS feels that it is its duty to propagate/create awareness about the subject among the Jain community at large under its Minority Rights and Benefits Awareness Campaign through its Minority Knowledge Centre. The sole purpose of BJS’ Minority Knowledge Centre is to create awareness of all the minority rights and benefits to all the beneficiaries. Due to COVID-19, BJS has been organizing online webinars to create awareness among the communities.

Who can benefit from the Minority Rights

  • Minority Students
  • Minority Educational Institutions
  • Minority People
  • Minority Religious Institutions
  • Women from Minority Communities
  • NGOs of Minorities
  • Business Class & MSME

The Benefits Available for Minorities

  • Support from Government to Minority students
  • Liberalised regulations to Minority educational institutions
  • Support to Businesses of Minority people
  • Special dispensation for Minority Religious Institutions
  • Special schemes for women belonging to Minority communities
  • Special schemes for NGOs of Minorities

Minority Brochure