Social Development

Community Outreach Program

BJS Community outreach program provides a platform for holistic development of children and youth through its six flagship programs i.e. Smart Girl, Business development Programs, Minority affairs, Plastic Surgery, Matrimony meet, Young MBA etc.

Smart Girl: Smart Girl Program has been designed to empower adolescent girls to develop life skills and be independent as demonstrated by their capacity to make decision, able to self-defend and bring about self-awareness.

Business Development: Business Development programs are providing awareness of the change in the external business environment and how it is affecting the traditional family businesses. It provides the business tools to the youth and encourages them for entrepreneurship to enable them to get succeed in their traditional businesses.

Minority Affairs: Under this program, BJS stimulates self-reliance and self-worth in its local community. It helps minority communities to participate in the various government schemes for uplifting of the minority community.

Plastic Surgery Camp: This program aims at the correction of congenital deformities in the underprivileged children. BJS arranges free plastic surgery camps every year to give smiles to little faces.

Matrimonial Meet: The new age process of finding suitable life partner based on individual preferences and parameters with a robust support mechanism. BJS created a social platform for matrimonial meetings to help these candidates to obtain multiple options in one day along with the assurance of validated data on social platforms to choose the right life partner.

Young MBA: Aim of this program is to develop the capacity of business acumen at a very young and formative age.

Intervention at all stages of life to enhance human capacity

BJS has been focusing with deep thought to the National Issues. Ground level connect and personal experience of the founder has helped him to design and develop appropriate solutions for deal on with such National issues. These solutions were piloted, tweaked and deployed by him through BJS and first tested in the community for success and impact on beneficiaries and then rolled over nationally by systematic state wise scaling up.

There are many stages in a persons lifetime. All these stages have their own unique challenges. Our Founder has made an attempt to mitigate the risk of failure in subsequent years, by providing appropriate training in the formative years, thus addressing the core of the issues involved. This led to development of programmes like Smart Girl and Young MBA addressing children, Business development and Minority Affairs addressing Youth, Matrimony meets addressing youth of marriageable age and Happy Family Happy home addressing newly married couples.


Programs Numbers Units
Smart Girl in Network 52906 Girls
Matriminy Meet Candidates 30000 Candidates
Minority Affairs Workshops 30000 Trainees
Business Development 30000 Trainees
iBud Tours 300 Businessmen
Young-MBA 189 Children
Happy Family Happy Home 2431 Couples