BJS - Overview

What is BJS

Bharatiya Jain Sanghatana (BJS) is a non-profit social impact organization in the forefront of addressing national concerns in disaster response, water conservation, health and social development. Established in 1985, BJS’ early work that transformed into a mass movement has been instrumental in freeing several communities from the shackles of undesirable social customs responsible for dowry deaths and female foeticide. It has also been a lead player in relief and rehabilitation efforts during all major disasters in India and its neighbourhood since 1993, including several droughts in the past decade and more recently the Covid-19 pandemic.

Our Vision

To collectively contribute towards Nation Building through Holistic Development of Society.

Our Mission

BJS strives to identify the major Concerns of the society at large, to come up with effective and meaningful solutions, and to implement those by leveraging in-house professional expertise and the strength of its nation-wide network of dedicated volunteers for the large good & betterment of the society

The World recognises BJS Contribution.

The "World Best NGO" - WANGO(World Association of NGOs) international award.

  • Award11

    Shri Shantilal Muttha honored with WANGO (World Association of NGOs) international award for the year 2005 in recognition for BJS activities & contribution towards Excellence.

  • Ntnl

    National Convention Bangalore 2018

  • BJS-delhi-state-convention

    State Convention :Team of Bharatiya Jain Sanghatana with Shri Shantilal Muttha in State Convention Program Delhi,2019

  • jal_prahari-sanman

    Jal Praheri : Bharatiya Jain Sanghatana(BJS) honoured with Jal Prahari Award by Shri Ram Lal (Akhil Bhartiya SAH Sampark Pramukh in the RSS) in presence of Shri Shyam Jaju (National Vice President BJP),Shri Manoj Tiwari(President BJP) and Shri Upendra Prasad Singh (Secretary-Jal Shakti Minister) at Delhi on 18 Dec 2019.National President of BJS Shri.Rajendra Lunker receiving award on behalf of BJS

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Impactful Processes

  • National Concern

    Focusing on selected domains that contribute to nation-building

    Established with the vision of contributing towards nation building, Bharatiya Jain Sanghatana (BJS) takes up issues that are of national concern.Over the many years of its work some of the national concerns that BJS has addressed and will continue to address are:

    • Water Sufficiency
    • Educational Rehabilitation of Disaster Affected Students
    • Women Empowerment
    • Lack of Quality in Education
    • Decline in Values
    • Increasing Divorce Rate
    • Declining Sex Ratio
  • Social Sensitivity

    Researching in-depth issues to address needs across the society

    To identify issues of national concern and to understand the magnitude of the issue and its stranglehold on the masses requires a high level of social sensitivity reinforced with thorough research. BJS always envisages the larger picture behind its solutions and takes it on its agenda of nation building.

  • Developmental Innovation

    Strategizing novel ideas to align development within established frameworks

    BJS believes that path breaking ideas in themselves do not ensure successful implementations, especially in areas that are of national concern. The solution has to be complementary to the already taken government initiatives and has to align with the work of all other agencies that are already working on it. This innovation in converting "ideas into actions" ensures that BJS always pre-empts the various "road-blocks" in the path towards development and successfully implements its pragmatic innovations.

  • Participatory Process

    Enthusing all stakeholders for involved implementations

    BJS excels in designing and implementing processes that are simple, facilitating and ones that instill a sense of ownership amongst all the participants. A special emphasis is maintained on the capacity building of resources at the implementation level and on developing local leadership. The mission undertaken thus becomes a collective quest for all involved with success being a foregone conclusion.

  • Sustainable Solutions

    Implementing workable, scalable and replicable models

    Rising above all the physical limitations, BJS delivers models that are workable and replicable in the field. After the success of the pilot implementation, the model with its inherent scalability can be plugged into existing systems, either governmental or socio-economic to facilitate the pan-national "roll-out". BJS also ensures that the solutions it offers are flexible and adaptable enough to incorporate any local or regional variations required in the implementation. All this ensures that all the solutions that BJS implements are truly sustainable.

  • Meaningful Impact

    Touching millions through our work!!!

    The culmination of all that BJS envisions, strives to do and does, is the impact that its work has on a sizeable population of the country. The corrections in the skewed gender ratio, the promise of imbibing values in the children right from the formative years and the path breaking work that BJS undertakes as solutions to family issues; all this will definitely have a lasting impact on the generations to come. BJS through its dedicated work since its inception has reached out to the millions and in a small yet definitive way touched their lives! And will continue to do so....

Why we are different

  • Rich experience of partnership with Central as well as State Governments
  • Three and half decades of experience of working in rural areas with all all stake holders at national level
  • Robust processes to support programme implementation throughout its project cycle
  • Ability to work anywhere in country irrespective of caste, religion and language
  • Nationwide network of volunteers and committed team of professionals and experts
  • Always supporting initiatives of Government by being aligned with the Government system
  • Ability to create synergy amongst partners thus integrating their efforts leading to proven excellent outcome and impact