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Bharatiya Jain Sangathana (BJS) is working as a catalyst in building an individual’s skills and knowledge thereby creating a greater capacity towards entrepreneurial success. The main aim is to reach various target groups and provide value added services to build their capacity to understand the latest developments in enterprise building strategies by providing Business Development workshops.

Program History

Traditional family businesses, particularly in rural areas, pass the baton from father to son. The growth in business is organic in nature and customers remain largely same and local. This worked well so far.

In the current scenario, these family businesses are slowly shutting down due to onslaught of modern method of doing business by use of Social Media and Technology along with improved mobile phone and road connectivity. There is a migration of educated youth from villages and small towns to cities and metros looking for lucrative jobs. Thus a traditionally business community is slowly turning into a Service community and owners are becoming employees.

To arrest this change, BJS decided to develop Business Development Awareness programs to provide awareness of the change in the external business environment and how it is affecting the traditional businesses.

It provides the tools to the youth and encourages them for entrepreneurship to enable them to succeed in their traditional businesses.

BJS also holds National Business Conclave to once in two years to delebrate upon the emerging threats and discuss possible solution themes to mitigate the risks. These inputs are used to modify and improve the Business Development Programs.

Available Programs

Business Development Awareness Brochure

Program Support and Motivational Speakers.

Rakesh Jain-"Prakhar"(Indore)

(National Vice President, BJS and Head Business Programs)

Rakesh Jain-(Vadodara)

(BJS and Member of BJS Think Tank)


  • Business Session Plans and schedules at a glance.

  • How to Develop Business expalin by Shri Rakesh jain "Prakhar".