Holistic Development of families through Chaturmas

It’s a pioneering initiative of Bharatiya Jain Sanghatana (BJS) geared towards the need of the Jain community

Jains have been known for being an entrepreneurial community, rich in culture 7 traditions with a philanthropic bend of mind and action. The community has built up establishments like Bhavans/Sthanaks/ Upashrays for spiritual & social purposes& Jain Sadhus / Sadhvis work tirelessly to propagate Jain culture, values & morals on different platforms in these establishments. However a paradigm shift in terms of lesser no & frequency of participation in such activities from amongst the community members, especially from the younger segment was noticed. This attracted the attention of BJS and made it to deliberate over the development necessitating suitable intervention.

BJS conducted a needs analysis to find out and develop suitable mechanism based on the specific needs. It transpired that Jains today, in addition to the regular activities are looking at these religious establishments as platform for-

  1. Networking
  2. Skill Development
  3. General Knowledge
  4. Knowledge up-gradation
  5. Need based age group wise programs

BJS, after this detailed need analysis, developed and launched the ‘Holistic Development of Family’ project which includes programs for all members in a family.


The program is well researched, technology backed, documented & scalable, with the objective to optimally utilize the establishments, to deliver need based programs of educational, social, spiritual & cultural necessity, for development of the community attracting all & especially the younger generation.


  1. Improve connectivity with the religious establishments& nurturing attachment by broad basing activities
  2. Improved networking
  3. Enhancement of knowledge & skills
  4. Formation of social circles, more sharing & caring for each other
  5. Addressing & bridging gaps within family & society etc