Education Initiatives

Education is the only key factor that can bring in social transformation. BJS has worked in education from three perspectives, contributing with a set of interventions for students’ learning, improving quality and providing intervention programs to educational institutions and contributing to social cause through these educational institutions. BJS began working with a strong focus on education initiatives with all these perspectives in the first decade of 21st century after its core work in disaster response and social initiatives. During and after disaster response having created a niche in rehabilitating disaster affected children for their education since 1993 and having established a permanent Wagholi Educational Rehabilitation Center (WERC), BJS decided to work on School Education for improving Quality of education. With this idea, Mr. Shantilal Muttha initiated a basket of programme called EDUQIP (Educational Quality Improvement Programme) addressing the need of different stakeholders like students, teachers, principals, governing bodies and authorities.

In 2003, Shri. Shantilal Muttha launched a new initiative of BJS - Federation of Jain Educational Institutions (FJEI) to unite thousands of Jain educational institutions under one umbrella for collective strength, with the vision to collectively contribute to Nation Building and with the objective to collectively strive for transforming these charity institutions to quality institutions.

Based on the experience of long years between 1985-2015 and all education related work done through BJS and FJEI, having the belief and complete conviction to do a fundamental contribution to the domain of education and to bring in revolutionary changes in school education with the objective to transform the school educational system of India, Shri. Shantilal Muttha founded a not-for-profit organization Shantilal Muttha Foundation (SMF) in 2015. SMF focuses on up-scaling BJS educational initiatives across the country especially for integrating them in the government system.

Read More about BJS work in Education and this evolution, SMF and WERC in the following sections.

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