BJS School Assessment & Accreditation (BJS SAA)

Ensuring quality in education

In India’s growth story the narrative misses one critical aspect of development that is School Education, where India lags seriously behind other BRICS countries, its competitors in the race to become global economic super power. Parameters like school infrastructure, teaching quality & competency or even learning achieved are the indicators of schooling quality. Coming up of Private schools have also brought forth the issue of growing inequality in school education in comparison with Govt. / Municipal schools etc.

Experts have suggested meaningful interventions to rectify the imbalance & bring in quality improvement. One such effective & meaningful intervention has been the Assessment & Accreditation process as a means of evaluating compliance to a set of standards and ensuring school quality.

BJS by virtue of its identification of improvement in school education system as one of its core focus area, has developed an Assessment & Accreditation system (SAA) reviewed & validated over 25 long years in which it has developed field & domain expertise by conducting assessment in more than 4000 schools run under various state govt. & other nodal agencies.

An effective school assessment & accreditation system is essentially a developmental tool that -

  • Presents a quality compliance picture

  • Provides a platform to monitor & track improvement drives

  • Indicates the extent of requirement for funding arrangement

  • Identifies & highlights the training need for all stakeholders

  • Provides a definite direction for continuous & sustained improvement

  • Assure parents with an objectively evaluated guide for school quality

  • Leads to conducive learning environment

BJS School Assessment & Accreditation is a comprehensive school quality assessment & accreditation system, inspired by UNICEF’s definition of Quality in Education & Dakar Framework for Action

It takes into account the RTE Act requirements including Central &State rules, SSA / RMSA Standards & Norms & also State / Board specific Standards & Norms.