Social Development

BJS Social Development work focuses on interventions relevant to every age group. With the intention to focus on family as a unit which is a foundation of the society, BJS identifies issues and concerns of critical importance to individual life and having its spread across the nation. Concerns related to adolescent girls and children born with congenital facial deformities are two such issues which are critical and have exceptionally large pre-valence across the country.

  • Empowerment of Girls: While in this age potential of adolescent girls and young women has no limit to touch the sky, given the social threats that they have to face, BJS has focused since 2008 on empowering them for their emotional strengthening.
  • Free Plastic Surgery Camps: The newly born babies with congenital facial deformities face health problems not being able to feed, speak or see properly; psychological problems not being able to participate in mainstream education; and related all growth and development issues. BJS since 1990, has been organizing free plastic camps for these children at various locations in India.
  • Pioneering Initiatives:BJS has a history of pioneering many activities when the issues were still dormant and mass level awareness was low. These include concerns about extravaganza in personal and religious events and the decreasing girl child ratio. BJS took many rationalizing steps to influence public opinions on these issues showing the favorable results.
  • Other Initiatives:BJS is engaged on many other fronts at the national level in encouraging entrepreneurship and business development amongst youth, in generating awareness about benefits of minority status especially in the domain of education – for students and for institutions, and in quite a niche area of working for strengthening family as an institution.