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project 1

BJS School Assessment & Accreditation

Ensuring quality in education

In India’s growth story the narrative misses one critical aspect of development that is School Education, where India lags seriously behind other BRICS countries, its competitors in the race to become global economic super power. Parameters like school infrastructure, teaching quality & competency or even learning achieved are the indicators of schooling quality. Coming up of Private schools have also brought forth the issue of growing inequality in school education in comparison with Govt. / Municipal schools etc.

Experts have suggested meaningful interventions to rectify the imbalance & bring in quality improvement. One such effective & meaningful intervention has been the Assessment & Accreditation process as a means of evaluating compliance to a set of standards and ensuring school quality.

BJS by virtue of its identification of improvement in school education system as one of its core focus area, has developed an Assessment & Accreditation system (SAA) reviewed & validated over 25 long years in which it has developed field & domain expertise by conducting assessment in more than 4000 schools run under various state govt. & other nodal agencies.

An effective school assessment & accreditation system is essentially a developmental tool that -

• Presents a quality compliance picture

• Provides a platform to monitor & track improvement drives

• Indicates the extent of requirement for funding arrangement

• Identifies & highlights the training need for all stakeholders

• Provides a definite direction for continuous & sustained improvement

• Assure parents with an objectively evaluated guide for school quality

• Leads to conducive learning environment

BJS School Assessment & Accreditation is a comprehensive school quality assessment & accreditation system, inspired by UNICEF’s definition of Quality in Education & Dakar Framework for Action

It takes into account the RTE Act requirements including Central &State rules, SSA / RMSA Standards & Norms & also State / Board specific Standards & Norms.

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project 2

Students Assessment Program – (SAP IV)

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A child today faces a no of challenges due to the rapid advancement in technology and its effect on daily life, information explosion & consequent overload, increasing exposure to media through print & electronic modes, and overall fast pace of changes in the environment. A child’s intelligence & abilities to day are regularly put to test to survive this onslaught. On the other hand, parents are many times found wanting in assessing the physical, social, emotional & intellectual growth of the child in this challenging milieu, due to their own inabilities ranging from time constraint to they themselves being not adequately equipped to handle this onerous but important task.

There is no denying that assessing the talent, aptitude & potential for development of a child is a prime requirement for charting the appropriate path of growth in life. It also needs to be done at the right time so that necessary action plan to guide / assist the child can be drawn up at the right time for his development & progress.

BJS with its experience of working with children for over 25 years felt the need to develop a tool which can fulfill this need for the child as well as the parents and teachers. Its in house team of professionals embarked on this task, and developed SAP (Student Assessment Program) test after in–depth research and in consultation with an expert committee


The SAP IV test is a multi –dimensional test specifically designed & developed for a student in standard IV. The test is designed to measure the emotional, social, physical & intellectual growth of the student.


It’s a simple test of three hour duration and requires no advance preparation by the student. It’s a multiple choice format comprising simple questions, with each question having four options as probable answer. The child has to simply select an option according to his / her knowledge / understanding. The test is conducted online, & the child can log in at any time of his choice / convenience. Parents / teachers are required to register the child for the test at for the purpose of taking the test.

project 3


As brought forth in the description on SAP IV, regarding the need for tool to assess the child for his talent, aptitude and potential for development, and the solution in form of the tool SAP, developed and implemented successfully by BJS through constant review & validation, the SAP has been developed for the children in Standard VIII also, with similar objectives of carrying out a scientific assessment of the potential and aptitude of the children, their likings & areas of interest, and also areas of relative weaknesses.


  • In-depth assessment of a student’s personality on a set of parameters to find out the areas of strength & weakness, likings & dis-likings, interests & aptitudes.

  • Identify the latent abilities & potential, and accordingly utilize the assessment findings for charting appropriate future growth & action plan.


The assessment comprises of a 6x6 Matrix evaluating the following abilities:
  1. Aptitude
  2. Social Adjustment
  3. General Knowledge
  4. Physical & Mental Fitness
  5. Mental Ability


Each one of these parameters are again broken into six sub –parameters to yield comprehensive & inclusive assessment findings. For example, Aptitude is measured on the child’s following abilities:
  1. Speed & Accuracy
  2. Mechanical Reasoning
  3. Numerical Ability
  4. Verbal Reasoning
  5. Tool Matching
  6. Space Relation

End result is a complete & comprehensive guide for decision making for the child himself, the parents & also the teachers to set out practical, achievable goals & chart the most suitable & appropriate action plan for the child’s future.

project 3

Career Guidance


The students are at a crossroad when they complete their school level studies, especially at the level of Xth & XIIth standards. Today students have far too many options before them, but lack of expert professional guidance makes them unsure of their career plans. It has been observed that many students blessed with a high IQ look out desperately for proper guidance on career related questions & issues at this stage, & with the right guidance they can steer their career towards the right path.

The career guidance process helps the students to identify their strengths and needs and builds a plan based on their personal profiles. It gives the students an access to information and empowers them to achieve their potential, and experience success and gratification from whatever they choose.


  • To develop positive attitudes towards lifelong learning and skills, which meet their personal, social, career and educational need.

  • To provide students with basic economic understanding, skills in understanding themselves and educational/occupational opportunities and skills.

RELEVANT QUESTION/ISSUES covered under this program:

  • How to select & opt for a career path post class X / XII.

  • How to prepare prominent & important entrance examinations like IIT-JEE, AIEEE, CET, BITS, AIPMT.

  • How to aim for and obtain various student scholarships.

  • How to obtain bank loan for higher studies.

  • How to allot times for studies and other daily routines & create a perfectly balanced time-table for all the activities, and many other such very relevant & important issues at this vital juncture of life.