Governing Body for Social Development

At the organizational level, BJS organization is headed by a National Executive Council (NEC) comprising of 31 members. The NEC is headed by the National President, who leads a team ofoffice bearers comprising of four Vice presidents, one National General Secretary, &two National Secretaries.

Similarly, the organization has Executive Councils at State, Region, District & City levels also. THE NEC meets once in a quarter where in-depth deliberations are done on all the activities, nation wide execution at the field level, introduction of new initiatives etc., and appropriate decisions are taken on the issues deliberated. Brief profiles of the NEC members are furnished in the following:

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Sh Prafulla Parakh is the National President of Bharatiya Jain Sangathan (BJS). He was born in Nagpur in 1961, graduated in commerce faculty in 1982 and inherited the family business of dealing with Antique Jewelry and Real Estate His inner urge and trait for Social work and working for the common good on issues confronted by the society at large led him to get associated with the organization in 1992 as a volunteer and he gradually moved up the ladder to ultimately having been chosen to carry out the onerous responsibility to lead this nation-wide organization and its network of volunteers. Before taking over as National President, he has successfully led the organization in Maharashtra as State President (since 2002) and then grew onto the higher responsibility of coordinating the affairs at national level as the National General Secretary since 2010. During this course, he played a pivotal role for the organization to achieve its present foot print in many states across the country.

His entrepreneurial traits and business acumen are fortified with his genuine drive to achieve social good through a very effective network mobilization.On the social issues he has always been on the forefront to gather support for causes such as upbringing of girls, women empowerment, family counseling, tribal children uplift, career counseling, marriage related issues, Minority status rights & benefits awareness campaign, business development programs etc. Under his leadership, many of these 1st generation interventions have been innovatively transformed to engage the young generation of post-globalization era.

As a leader, Mr. Parakh has the capacity to inspire his co-workers and colleagues to achieve difficult tasks in adverse situations within dedicated timelines. This was amply proved during various disasters in the country when he was part of the core team handling massive rescue, relief and rehabilitation work. His management skills and interpersonal relationships was his asset whenafter the Tsunami in 2005, he set up base in Andaman & Nicobar Islands for more than a yearaway from his hometown and the family, and devoted his time 24x7, and oversaw the operations of reconstruction of 45 schools and hospital buildingsvirtuallysingle handedly. These and many other exemplary achievements of BJS in the sphere of disaster response have received country-wide recognition across the society, in Government and in both houses of Parliament.

Apart from organizational skill, Shri.Parakh is a good orator with deep sense of humor, having the capacity to hold large gatherings spellbound and surcharge the atmosphere by his emotive evocations. This is one of the reasons for his enviable popularity among the several hundred BJS volunteers.

Shri Parakh is a dreamer who is never out of sync with the real world we live in & is pragmatic enough to anchor all his thoughts and action in the prevailing social milieu. He knows he has to cross many hurdles but is sure to unwaveringly march ahead to hear the sweet chiming of bells of social good.

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Sureshbhai Kothari, Vice-president

Associated with BJS since 2002, Major role in expanding BJS network in Gujarat. Shri Kothari is a successful entrepreneur and was awarded a Gold Medal by international president of Lions Clubs for efficient leadership, International President of Jain Social group, formed youth forums, program planner, Co-convener of Indian National trust for arts & cultural heritage-New Delhi, honorary secretary of Arya Kanya Gurukul Porbandar, Trustee of Kutch Lokkala foundation, President of Jain educational institute of Gujarat state.

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Kailashmull Dugar, Vice- President

Active in the social service sector from last 55 years. Inspired by Shri. Shantilal Muttha's ideologies, he became a member of BJS 20 years ago. BJS national council member since 10 years, Crucial role in expanding EoG Program in Tamil Nadu. President of Rajasthani Educational Foundation, Vice President of Surana Jain Vidyalaya, Chairman of advisory Committee of Lotus Blind Welfare Trust of India. National President of Karuna International and Managing Director of Ahinsa Research Foundation

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Sudarshan Jain, Vice- President

He has worked at different positions in BJS, like State President, Secretary, NEC member since 1990. Travelled extensively to broaden BJS network. Conducted Trustee Empowerment Program in FJEI network. Master Trainer of Jain Minority Awareness Program Ex President of Abhinandan Urban Co-operative Bank. An avid reader, he has a collection of 4000 books. Honoured by President for organsing Sarva Dharma Sadbhav Rally.

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Virendra Jain, Vice- President

He joined BJS in 2008 and has since helped in network expansion across Madhya Pradesh. An entrepreneur and owner of Jain’s Cow Urine Therapy and Swaarnim Group, connected verticals like health, real estate and education with technology. Social contributions in the field of health, education, employment, agriculture, environmental and for overall upliftment of Jain Community. 56 couple’s mass marriage in 1990, introduction conference of 5600 young male and female candidates in 1990, 350 widow or divorced candidate conference in 1991.

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Mahesh Kothari General Secretary

Contributed significantly towards BJS network expansion in Chhattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh & Uttar Pradesh. Approved Trainer for Trustee Empowerment program and for EOG, EOC & BFMC programs. Owns a retail garment trade business. Holds significant positions in social, religious, educational such as Chief Secretary, Sakal Samaj Samiti, Director Gondia Jayees, was special Executive Officer (SEO), Govt. of Maharashtra, Honoured with Jain Pradeep, Samaj Gourav Puraskar and Best Jaycee Award.

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Sanjay Singhi, Secretary

Associated with BJS since 2007, Master Trainer of EoG & EoC Program, approved Famil & Marriage Counselor. Chemical Engineer by profession, he also completed MA in Jain Philosophy, an Industrialist - Fibreglass products, Fencing wiremesh, Institutional Uniforms, President of Skills Development Committee N.I.T, Raipur and Patron of C.G. Jain Yuva Morcha.

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Rajendra Lunker, Secretary

He is an initiator for expanding BJS network in Tamil Nadu state and significant contributions towards developing and expanding BJS network in the states of Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Delhi & Rajasthan. Several donations and Charities in Tsunami Disaster, Earthquake Disaster, Master Trainer of EoG & EoC Program, initiated & signed up a MOU with Rajasthani Association for EoG Program. Now incharge of Gujarat & Rajasthan State. Founder of Kelico Mills, Director in Sri Sthanakwasi Jain Swadhyaya Sangh and a Life Member of Jeevan Jyothi Trust, Erode.