Workshop for Girls

BJS believes in empowering girls to lead a positive life while being able to deal with adverse situations by themselves.

With this core belief, BJS embarked upon designing & delivering a unique program for empowerment of teenager and young adult women

The program is conceived and delivered to empower girls to -

  • Develop healthy mindset
  • Equip them to resiliently respond and deal with risk factors in the external environment
  • Strengthen their relationships with their families as the primary support system

Why the program is unique:

BJS after considerable research, experimentation and validation through pilot projects, have identified the girl as an individual as its primary focus, chosen to address the issue of empowerment of girls and young women through individualcapacity building

EoG: A Certificate Program

‘Empowerment of Girls’ is a certificate program thatprovides learning opportunities for girls –teenagers and young adults

  • To be aware of self and the surrounding social environment - both impacting life
  • To think critically, analyze situations and make appropriate choices and decisions
  • To take responsibility of their own wellness and safety

while dealing with the demands from self, career, and family in everyday life and facing complex social challenges for happy life.

EoG aims at equipping girls to be positively prepared for modern day challenges in careers, families, and society while being able toprotect them from inadvertently falling prey to unwelcome evil forces in the social environment.

Program Structure

The EOG Program offers a rich and comprehensive learning experience. The program comprises of four modules for girls and one module for parents conducted through 10 sessions across the three-day workshop:

  • Module 1: Me & My Family Relationships
  • Module 2: Friends &Their Influence
  • Module 3: My Emotional Well-being
  • Module 4: My Preparedness for Future Relationships
  • Module 5: Parenting the Girls

Program Methodology

This program is conducted as a 3-day Participative and Experiential workshop facilitated by a specially trained Program Faculty

  • For a batch of not more than 30 girls, who are in the age group of 15 to 25 years
  • Uses standardized program content developed by BJS across all workshops
  • Enriched with interactive sessions and variety of activities
  • Focuses on promoting thinking, reflection and introspection as habit
  • Seeks participation of parents
  • Conducted by EOG facilitators trained and approved by BJS master trainers through a 4-day Training of Trainers certification workshop
  • Uses feed-back from girls and parents for continuous program enrichment

How EoG Helps Girls

  • Understand one-self as unique individual and learn ways for maintaining high self esteem
  • Recognize the role of family as their primary support system
  • Learn ways to effectively connect with family and friends for healthy relationships
  • Develop true friendships as a reliable support system with a very strong consciousness built in to take right decisions in friendship
  • Analyse situations before taking decisions in the interest of their own well-being
  • Manage self defense for emotional stability as well as physical well-being
  • Use media and technology appropriately and judiciously
  • Explore aspects of success and happiness and prioritize choices in the context of relationships
  • Acquire various easy tools and techniques that will shape simple habits useful for life time

How EoG Helps Parents

EoG includes a session for Girls’ parents to facilitate them to

  • Develop rational perspective of views, attitudes and needs of young generation
  • Recognize the needs of their daughters as 'teenagers' or 'young adults' and understand their vulnerabilities
  • Understand the need to deal with delicate and conflicting issues of their daughters and ensure a supporting system in all stressful situations
  • Understand the positive impact of involving their daughters in the family's decision making process
  • Create an environment of trust within the family by open and encouraging communication

How EoG Helps Educational Institutions

EoG is run as a regular program in schools/colleges and is being seen as a Value-Added Course by the educational institutes.

  • EoG is one such means that can influence mindsets of girls to take control of their lives and speak-up for themselves
  • EoG is a developmental program that can add to the mainstream curricula for promoting comprehensive goals of education
  • EoG is encapsulated into user-friendly intervention modules and designed as a course that can be easily scheduled into the on-going educational program of the institution as a value added unit
  • EoG can feature as the program advocating institution’s genuine concern for girls’ safety, well-being and positive development
  • EoG offers an opportunity to earn credibility for the educational institutes as it will address the core concern of every parent
The program is thus designed to recognize an individual woman’s intrinsic capacity to respond to the challenges faced in today’s life and appropriately cope and respond to these by leveraging her intrinsic strength, teaches how to be discrete and discriminate while making a decision for herself, and in the process adds value to her inherent abilities and strengthens her to act as a responsible member of the family and society.

The program

  • By its design is feasible, workable and replicable
  • By the methodology of delivery is participatory, interactive and reflective
  • Going by content is relevant and need-based
  • Has been appreciated, and lauded by the participants as per the feedback received

On its part BJS is

  • Ready and willing to train selected team of facilitators from the Academic Institutions through its 4-day workshops designed to train the Trainers

  • Ready to offer -
    • Ready-to-implement workshop modules
    • Training & reference materials, hand-outs, work-sheets, AV materials etc. to the participating partner Institutions
    • These can be reproduced / reprinted with due acknowledgement to BJS

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