BJS Network

The foundation of Bharatiya Jain Sanghatana is the Volunteers’ Network that Shri. Shantilal Muttha envisioned and built very meticulously since day one. BJS has a network of more than 20,000 Office Bearers actively carrying out BJS responsibilities with relentless commitment and lakhs of volunteers supporting them.

This volunteers’ network is the real strength of the organization. Having such a network till grass-root level with the commitment of time and resources for the social cause, BJS demonstrated the power of executing projects or many seemingly uphill tasks with speed and scale.

Only office bearers of BJS councils at various levels can be estimated to be around more than 1500. They are supported by 1000s of volunteers across the country.

BJS National Council: 8 Office Bearers and 23 Members.

BJS State Councils: 3 Office Bearers and 18 members in every Active State.

BJS Regional/District Councils: 3 Office Bearers and 18 members in every region/district.

VJS City/Village Councils: 2 Office Bearers and 8 members at chapter level in every City/Village.

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