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Mobile Dispensary Seva

Bharatiya Jain Sanghatna (BJS) has been working in the area of natural disaster management for the last 35 years. BJS has actively contributed to more than 25 disaster management across the country.

At present, Corona has created a lot of chaos in the country, the whole country is affected by the lockdown. An experienced social service organization like BJS has tried to provide relief to maximum people by doing different types of work all over the country.

Today we are going through a very decisive phase. I hope that the BJS workers across the country will put their full strength and resources to help the country and humankind at this time to create a new benchmark of social-service. I thank and congratulate all the team members for continuing their work by keeping them safe as per the plan.

Shantilal Muttha

Founder, Bharatiya Jain Sanghatana


An Appeal from Shri Shantilal Muttha to Doctors on COVID-19 Response

BJS Founder Shri Shantilal Muttha appeals to doctors to become a volunteer for Mobile Dispensary Seva's COVID-19 response.

Doctor at your Doorstep

BJS have come forward with a unique idea to help the society in this Covid-19 epidemic situation .

Mobile Van Dispensary Seva

In this we will be screening the patients with symptoms similar to covid 19 like Fever, Cough, Cold, Bodyache, Conjunctivitis, Running nose.

These symptoms are often seen in many viral fevers. As such the key point will be to distinguish it from covid. We will be screening these patients which have similar symptoms and get their history and treat them with the basic treatment and if required advise them for there isolation under our observation. After 7 days if we notice there symptoms are improving then we can leave them or if symptoms worsens then take them to government hospital.

Alongside we will also be educating the people as to not to panic in case you have cough, cold or fever. We shall inform them as to how to take care of themselves and the society.

The patient with such symptoms should isolate him from the beginning itself irrespective of the diagnosis. This will prevent the spread if at all the patient is diagnosed positive after 7 days .

All this exercise by BJS will help the government to collect the data regarding the infected patients. We shall create awareness among the masses by properly educating them in the said matter.The announcement during campaigning will be only those patients with cough, cold & fever should come and get tested and treated for free.

Mobile Dispensary Seva - City Wise National Report


BJS Mission: Mobile Dispensary Seva

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