Blood is the most precious gift that anyone can give to another person.

Donating blood not only saves the life also save donor's lives.


BJS Mission

Bharatiya Jain Sanghatna (BJS) has been working in the area of natural disaster relief and rehabilitation for the last 35 years. BJS has actively contributed to more than 25 disaster,(Relief and Rehabilitation) management across the country.

At present, Coronavirus COVID-19, has created a lot disruption in the country leading to a lockdown in the entire country.An experienced social service organization, like BJS, has tried to provide relief to maximum number of people by doing different types of work all over the country.

Today, we are going through a very decisive phase.I hope that the BJS workers across the country will put their full strength and resources to help the country and humankind at this time to create a new benchmark of social-service.I thank all the team members for continuing their work relentlessly and encourage them to adopt safe working practices as per the plan.

Shantilal Muttha

Founder, Bharatiya Jain Sanghatana


BJS Action Plan : Mission Blood Collection.

BJS Mission-Blood Collection

BJS, a national level non-profit non-government organization, which has a commendable footprint in disaster response and vast experience in disaster management of over three decades, has yet again taken on a challenging mission of blood collection amidst the Corona virus COVID19 pandemic.

Currently, the entire nation is in distress, facing a lockdown mandated to avert potential havoc, caused by Coronavirus COVID 19. ​Due to the timely efforts of the Government, the people are relieved that essential commodities will continue to be supplied and made available. ​However, there’s another critically essential thing which is actually our lifeline and that is “Blood” and the reserves in the blood banks are fast depleting.

In Maharashtra alone, blood has to be daily supplied to roughly 5000 critical patients. ​Around 5000 units of blood are needed for critical patients​on daily basis across the various hospitals​in Maharashtra. Blood banks have begun to face shortfall in inventory due to limitations on conducting blood donation camps. This has led to a lot of stress in the blood banks and has become a major cause of worry.

Hence,​as a part of disaster management action plan, BJS has targeted the collection of 20,000 units of blood by 15th April 2020. BJS will leverage its army of dedicated volunteers for collecting blood from rural areas in every taluka. Adequate provisions are being made for blood donation in isolation, following all social distancing norms and government guidelines under these circumstances. This initiative is being taken in Maharashtra after due consultation and approval from the Government of Maharashtra.

This move is becoming extremely effective in being prepared for any surge in demand for blood in the light of the escalating numbers of Corona virus COVID19 affected patients.   BJS has yet again risen to the occasion to serve the nation and its people. With the support of the Film and Television industry, we can all aim to reach the target of 1 lakh units of blood from Maharashtra, Delhi, Tamil Nadu, and Karnataka.

Even in this lockdown, we can donate blood in isolation as per govt. guidelines.  Bharatiya Jain Sanghatana is organizing a special blood donation camp that will allow individuals to donate blood in isolation. Special care is taken to enable people to donate blood while maintaining the social distancing. We have all pledged to fight and win this war.

Please join us in this mission and feel free to contact us for any further information in this regards.

-  Shantilal Muttha (BJS)

"Donate Blood Save Life."

BJS Mission : Blood Collection for 20,000 bottles

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